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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will therapy fees be covered by my insurance?

Our services are generally covered or partially covered by most third party health insurance plans. Following each session, you will receive an official receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. The receipts will indicate that you received therapy provided by a Registered Psychotherapist. If you have extended health care benefits, it is recommended that you check with your insurance company to ensure these services will be covered, prior to your first session.

2. How frequently do I attend therapy and how long are sessions? 

The frequency of therapy sessions is based largely on each individual client's needs. However, weekly or bi-weekly  sessions are most common. Sessions are 50 minutes in length. 

3. Is therapy confidential? 

What is talked about in therapy sessions is kept confidential, except in situations where harm has or might happen to you or others. A client’s confidential information may be released without their consent under the following conditions:

  1. When there is suspicion that a child (under the age of 16) or elder is being emotionally, sexually or physically abused or is at risk of such abuse.

  2. If you report that you/someone you know is in immediate danger of harming yourself/themselves or others,

  3. If a judge orders that a Therapist’s information be provided in court proceedings,

  4. If you report that a regulated health professional has engaged in sexual misconduct with you or someone you know.

4. What methods of payment are accepted? 

Payments for therapy services can be made via credit card or etransfer.

5. How does therapy work during COVID-19? 

During COVID-19, Lucky Robin Psychotherapy is offering both virtual and in-person therapy options. Virtual sessions are offered through two methods:

  1. A secure, online video platform

  2. Telephone sessions 

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